Living Room Transformation

It was July and we were finally moving into our little place! I already had colors in mind and we already had these new floors put in. They’re actually tile floors but look like wood and we were so happy with the color we chose. We chose a color called gray cloud for both the bedroom and living room and the second I could start painting, I did!


We already had a couch from Mike’s previous apartment, however the couch was way too big for our new living room so we had to leave the chase part of the couch behind. Also the only way the couch would fit was if we put it this way, and the TV had to go on this wall. It is alright for now as we know this isn’t for forever and one day we will be able to use our entire couch.


I bought this area rug on amazon and we had the mirror which we bought from Kirkland awhile back. I picked up some pillows while at TJ Maxx and Home Goods and also that white tray on the table. I thought it was perfect for styling….

Speaking of the table – we got that at At Home… at first we thought it was too big but for now it’s okay. We couldn’t find a TV stand for a long time but eventually found this white one that went perfectly with our buffet. I made that arrangement in the galvanized vase with the branches and floral pieces in it- all from Hobby Lobby but this has since then moved into our bedroom. And last but not least we found this small end table after searching for what felt like forever! And that’s it! Living room is pretty much complete… besides small decor that I’ve added in as the trips to Home Goods keep on comin’!

0941766E-2DF0-463A-B77A-EFA168124731Hope you like it!

Every season I’m thinking of changing up a couple of the pillows… here are a couple I added for fall…


Can’t wait to buy winter/Christmas pillows!!!