DIY – Fall/Winter Pinecone Wreath on a budget!

A couple of weeks ago I saw a pinecone wreath that I fell in love with. I could use it for fall and winter and it was truly beautiful. The only thing wrong with it was the price. I couldn’t see myself spending so much money on one simple item that I could try to make myself.

I happened to be at target with my sister-in-law and we saw that there were boxes of pine ones for only $6 each! There were 40 small sized pinecones in each box and the pinecones all had wire stems on them (perfect for wreaths).

I bought two boxes of these cute little guys and then I headed over to Michaels to buy everything else I needed. I decided to go with the smaller sized wreath frame because I wasn’t sure if I had enough pinecones for the bigger one. This is the 12 inch frame, and only cost me $1.50 because I had coupons but I think it’s normally around $3.00. Still a steal!

And that’s it! Now it’s time to start making the wreath. I started with the outside of the frame and began adding one pinecone at a time and securing it with the wire attached.

Once I finished the whole outside it looked like this.

Next it was time to do the inside of the frame, which I did the same exact way. So easy!

After both the inside and outside of the frame were full, I added pinecones in the middle of the frame. This is the most difficult part of the project because it’s hard to get your fingers in the little spaces to bend the wire without breaking other pinecones around it. I used tweezers and it was by far a lot easier.

It also helps if you lay out the remainder of the pinecones in the place you want them. Like this..

This helps because you end up putting the bigger pinecones in the bigger spaces and finding small pinecones for the tiny spaces.. instead of realizing this at the end and not having enough pinecones or the right size pinecone for the space you’re filling! I hope that made sense! 😂

Adding the pinecones in the center ring gave the wreath just what it needed. It made it look full and beautiful.

I think the wreath looked fine as it was but why not add a little extra! You can go to any craft store and fine faux florals, berries, tree clippings, bows, lights, etc. and decorate your wreath. I went to Michaels and found these.

I figured I could cut little pieces off and stick them where the wreath was showing a little bit of the frame or just to add a little bit of sparkle.

And this was the final result! I still might play around a little and make it look a little better… but it’s pretty much done.

Hope you guys like! If you go and make one I’d love to see your wreaths, so please, please show me! 😊

P.S. This whole wreath cost me 20 dollars to make! And that’s only because the florals can get pricy! But just the pine cones and the frame cost me $13.50!

Living Room Transformation

It was July and we were finally moving into our little place! I already had colors in mind and we already had these new floors put in. They’re actually tile floors but look like wood and we were so happy with the color we chose. We chose a color called gray cloud for both the bedroom and living room and the second I could start painting, I did!


We already had a couch from Mike’s previous apartment, however the couch was way too big for our new living room so we had to leave the chase part of the couch behind. Also the only way the couch would fit was if we put it this way, and the TV had to go on this wall. It is alright for now as we know this isn’t for forever and one day we will be able to use our entire couch.


I bought this area rug on amazon and we had the mirror which we bought from Kirkland awhile back. I picked up some pillows while at TJ Maxx and Home Goods and also that white tray on the table. I thought it was perfect for styling….

Speaking of the table – we got that at At Home… at first we thought it was too big but for now it’s okay. We couldn’t find a TV stand for a long time but eventually found this white one that went perfectly with our buffet. I made that arrangement in the galvanized vase with the branches and floral pieces in it- all from Hobby Lobby but this has since then moved into our bedroom. And last but not least we found this small end table after searching for what felt like forever! And that’s it! Living room is pretty much complete… besides small decor that I’ve added in as the trips to Home Goods keep on comin’!

0941766E-2DF0-463A-B77A-EFA168124731Hope you like it!

Every season I’m thinking of changing up a couple of the pillows… here are a couple I added for fall…


Can’t wait to buy winter/Christmas pillows!!!

Fall Buffet Decor

Living in New Jersey, we have the pleasure of experiencing every season. I’ve always found it hard to say which one is my favorite… however, decorating for fall just might be my favorite season of all! The beautiful colors of the leaves changing, pumpkins, the coziness of blankets,  fall scented candles, the cooler air… nothing’s better.

The first piece of furniture my boyfriend and I bought together was, of course, from Home Goods, and was a distressed grayish colored buffet. And man was it heavy! I remember carrying (my boyfriend would argue with trying to help him carry) it up the stairs to his apartment with him. It was the heaviest thing I’ve ever tried to move, but after lots of effort, we got it inside! I couldn’t wait to decorate it. It was winter and Christmas time, so we decorated it with what we had at the time, which wasn’t much because we weren’t actually living together yet. I couldn’t wait to move in together officially so I could finally decorate it the way it should be decorated….

We moved in together over the summer and fall was really the first season we were ready to decorate for. I decided to start with a runner and add a lamp on our buffet for some height. My mother had this galvanized tiered tray she didn’t want anymore so I took that as well. I figured I’d use it always and decorate it with little things and of course, mugs, for whatever season it is. I always liked the look for a tray or basket with a ton of pumpkins in it… and this year I fell in love with knit pumpkins! I mean who doesn’t love the feel of a cozy knit blanket… so why not make a pumpkin out of it? I also found these light up glass pumpkins and my best friend happened to buy me a cute little glass orange pumpkin that matched!


This was the end result… and I think I love it! Can’t wait to decorate again for fall next year! Tell me what you think?