Where do I start with makeup? If you ask my mother when I started wearing makeup she would tell you about the 4 year old Alyssa who used to sit at her Fisher-Price vanity mirror putting on layer after layer of bright blue eye-shadow both on and around her eye-lids and tons of bright red lipstick on (and again, around) her lips. I can’t ever remember not loving makeup. Whats not to love? Glitter, blush, eye-liner, long dark lashes, lip gloss?! Ah.. it’s all so AMAZING!

I truly didn’t wear a TON of makeup growing up, and I still don’t on a daily basis, although I definitely wear some every day. It just brightens up your face and why wouldn’t you want to feel a little better about yourself? And then how much fun is it when you’re going out, or to a wedding, or to a party, or on Halloween, to wear a shit ton of make up? You can completely transform your look. Admit it – it’s FUN!

Over the last maybe ten or so years I have become pretty obsessed with makeup.  I have tons of it! I mean drawers full of makeup. I can’t walk into Sephora or Ulta or even a CVS without spending what feels like my paychecks on makeup. Again, I am no expert, however, when someone asks me to do their makeup, I never refuse, and I do somewhat of an okay job 😉 I like to do a ton of research on the best makeup, skincare and hair products out there and would love to start posting about products I’d love for others to try as well!