Over the years, decorating has become something I truly enjoy doing. I always remember being younger and really enjoying re-decorating my bedroom or painting rooms in the house with my dad. I loved seeing how something so small could transform the look of a room completely. I love decorating homes, parties, my classroom, etc. Now that we (my boyfriend and I) have our own little home to decorate, it has become what I spend most of my free time doing. Let’s face it, I practically live in the home sections of stores. I feel like the employees at Home Goods probably say “She’s here again?” every time I walk in. I find myself spending hours walking up and down asiles and admiring all different kinds of decor and brainstorming ways to incorporate it into our small home. A little over a year ago I jumped on the Rae Dunn bandwagon and I love incorportating her mugs, canisters and other items into my decor. Even my boyfriend has joined in and its become a hobby or more like a game for us to hunt for items we really want. Not going to lie- once we dropped everything we were doing to meet my cousin at TJ Maxx after she told me what they had over the phone. Not one of our proudest moments, but oh well!

I am by no means a decor expert and honestly have no idea what I am doing.  I just throw together what I think looks good and snap some pictures! So…. this is my place to share some of my decor ideas and I hope it could inspire even one of you.