My go-to Manicure

I don’t know about you but I always need to have my nails done… but just like most things in life, some are wonderful and some are not quite so great.

When my nails are bare I don’t feel complete, yet at the same time, I have to admit, I hate getting manicures because of the time it takes sitting there. Pedicures on the other hand are relaxing, where manicures I am constantly wondering when it will be over, when I can have my hand back and when I can check my phone. Am I the only one?

I’ve had every manicure you could think of; regular manis, gel manis, acrylic tips, LCN’s, dip powder gel manis. You name it and I’ve probably done it at least once. There is no question that if regular manicures lasted long, I would get them, however they don’t. And I don’t want to spend time and money going to the nail salon weekly to get them done only for them to get messed up the second I get in the car because I never learn to let them dry long enough and have zero patience.

So, over the years I turned to gel manicures, acrylic tips, etc. and honestly, they looked beautiful. That is until I took them off. When I’d take off acrylic tips I couldn’t reach in my purse for weeks without cringing in pain from how thin and unhealthy my nails were. Same thing happened with regular gel manicures. Also acrylic nails took FOREVER to get done. Am I the only one who just wanted to scream “stop filing the same nail for 20 minutes, it’s fine!!!!!” The good thing about these manicures is they lasted somewhat long until they broke, but in the end it wasn’t worth ruining my nails. Also the UV light they used every single time I got gels, or gel over my acrylic would literally feel like it was burning. I was sick of getting told to switch hands or yelled at if I took my hand out of the UV light because it burned so bad. I know you guys can all relate.

So, I went back to regular manicures for a year or so to get my nails back to a healthy state where they didn’t break constantly.

Then last June (7 months ago) I was curious about dip powder gel. What got me thinking was the fact that there was no UV light. I started asking friends and researching where salons were that offered this manicure. I found one close to work and home that offered over 250 colors and so many people said it was the best place for powder gel. I walked in one day after work and I haven’t stopped going since.

First of all it is SO quick. There is no drying whatsoever, not in between or under a light or anything so it makes it easy and super quick for the nail tech. Basically the process go s like this; they brush on a clear coat and dip your finger, brush on a clear coat and dip your finger. They do this repeatedly until they’ve done about 2-3 coats. At the end they complete it with a top coat that makes it shine and makes them look PERFECT.

Every time I have gotten this manicure I have loved it and it never chips or breaks. My nails feel hard throughout, and the best part is, when they remove the gel, I always feel my nails underneath and they’re still hard as always and there’s no pain. I sometimes wait 4 weeks in between and the gel still looks flawless other than the fact that it’s grown out. Also- they use acetone to remove the gel which is key when not wanting to ruin your real nails- so make sure your salon is doing that, and if they aren’t, ask them to!

If you haven’t tried this yet and have had the same problems as me. I would suggest you do! Here are some of the dip powder gel manis I have gotten over the last 7 months.

I have loved them all! Hope you enjoyed reading and please let me know if you go try it or show me pix of your beautiful manicures! Talk to you soon!


*This is what works best for me and me only. I am in no way telling you this will not ruin your nails. It just has not ruined mine while other manicures have ruined my nails.

Author: Brewing all things Beautiful

Hello! I’m Alyssa and I am a middle school teacher who, let’s face it, in another life would be an interior designer, makeup artist, photographer or maybe all three! For now I leave it for after school and the weekends when I find the time. This all started with my boyfriend’s very “blah” apartment a few years ago and me wanting to decorate it so bad! I would stare at the blank walls and imagine how I could transform his place if he’d just let me. We all know every man’s place needs a woman’s touch. At first, I slowly started buying cute coffee mugs, because we drink a ton of coffee (hence the word “brewing”) which lead to me buying a coffee cart and decorating a coffee station in his kitchen and I really haven’t stopped since. We have now moved into a (tiny bit) bigger place now and I have full range of decorating however I’d like.... lucky him! I have a passion for looking at things or rooms and imagining how I could transform them into something more beautiful than they already are! I am in no way an expert at any of this, but have so much fun playing around with decor, makeup and taking pictures. This is a place where I want to start sharing different home decor ideas, DIY projects, and tell you about the best makeup and beauty products I’ve come across. Thank you for stopping by and being a part of it! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @brewingallthingsbeautiful to see what I’m up to or to just say hi! - A

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