Fall Buffet Decor

Living in New Jersey, we have the pleasure of experiencing every season. I’ve always found it hard to say which one is my favorite… however, decorating for fall just might be my favorite season of all! The beautiful colors of the leaves changing, pumpkins, the coziness of blankets,  fall scented candles, the cooler air… nothing’s better.

The first piece of furniture my boyfriend and I bought together was, of course, from Home Goods, and was a distressed grayish colored buffet. And man was it heavy! I remember carrying (my boyfriend would argue with trying to help him carry) it up the stairs to his apartment with him. It was the heaviest thing I’ve ever tried to move, but after lots of effort, we got it inside! I couldn’t wait to decorate it. It was winter and Christmas time, so we decorated it with what we had at the time, which wasn’t much because we weren’t actually living together yet. I couldn’t wait to move in together officially so I could finally decorate it the way it should be decorated….

We moved in together over the summer and fall was really the first season we were ready to decorate for. I decided to start with a runner and add a lamp on our buffet for some height. My mother had this galvanized tiered tray she didn’t want anymore so I took that as well. I figured I’d use it always and decorate it with little things and of course, mugs, for whatever season it is. I always liked the look for a tray or basket with a ton of pumpkins in it… and this year I fell in love with knit pumpkins! I mean who doesn’t love the feel of a cozy knit blanket… so why not make a pumpkin out of it? I also found these light up glass pumpkins and my best friend happened to buy me a cute little glass orange pumpkin that matched!


This was the end result… and I think I love it! Can’t wait to decorate again for fall next year! Tell me what you think?

Author: Brewing all things Beautiful

Hello! I’m Alyssa and I am a middle school teacher who, let’s face it, in another life would be an interior designer, makeup artist, photographer or maybe all three! For now I leave it for after school and the weekends when I find the time. This all started with my boyfriend’s very “blah” apartment a few years ago and me wanting to decorate it so bad! I would stare at the blank walls and imagine how I could transform his place if he’d just let me. We all know every man’s place needs a woman’s touch. At first, I slowly started buying cute coffee mugs, because we drink a ton of coffee (hence the word “brewing”) which lead to me buying a coffee cart and decorating a coffee station in his kitchen and I really haven’t stopped since. We have now moved into a (tiny bit) bigger place now and I have full range of decorating however I’d like.... lucky him! I have a passion for looking at things or rooms and imagining how I could transform them into something more beautiful than they already are! I am in no way an expert at any of this, but have so much fun playing around with decor, makeup and taking pictures. This is a place where I want to start sharing different home decor ideas, DIY projects, and tell you about the best makeup and beauty products I’ve come across. Thank you for stopping by and being a part of it! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @brewingallthingsbeautiful to see what I’m up to or to just say hi! - A

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