My go-to Manicure

I don’t know about you but I always need to have my nails done… but just like most things in life, some are wonderful and some are not quite so great.

When my nails are bare I don’t feel complete, yet at the same time, I have to admit, I hate getting manicures because of the time it takes sitting there. Pedicures on the other hand are relaxing, where manicures I am constantly wondering when it will be over, when I can have my hand back and when I can check my phone. Am I the only one?

I’ve had every manicure you could think of; regular manis, gel manis, acrylic tips, LCN’s, dip powder gel manis. You name it and I’ve probably done it at least once. There is no question that if regular manicures lasted long, I would get them, however they don’t. And I don’t want to spend time and money going to the nail salon weekly to get them done only for them to get messed up the second I get in the car because I never learn to let them dry long enough and have zero patience.

So, over the years I turned to gel manicures, acrylic tips, etc. and honestly, they looked beautiful. That is until I took them off. When I’d take off acrylic tips I couldn’t reach in my purse for weeks without cringing in pain from how thin and unhealthy my nails were. Same thing happened with regular gel manicures. Also acrylic nails took FOREVER to get done. Am I the only one who just wanted to scream “stop filing the same nail for 20 minutes, it’s fine!!!!!” The good thing about these manicures is they lasted somewhat long until they broke, but in the end it wasn’t worth ruining my nails. Also the UV light they used every single time I got gels, or gel over my acrylic would literally feel like it was burning. I was sick of getting told to switch hands or yelled at if I took my hand out of the UV light because it burned so bad. I know you guys can all relate.

So, I went back to regular manicures for a year or so to get my nails back to a healthy state where they didn’t break constantly.

Then last June (7 months ago) I was curious about dip powder gel. What got me thinking was the fact that there was no UV light. I started asking friends and researching where salons were that offered this manicure. I found one close to work and home that offered over 250 colors and so many people said it was the best place for powder gel. I walked in one day after work and I haven’t stopped going since.

First of all it is SO quick. There is no drying whatsoever, not in between or under a light or anything so it makes it easy and super quick for the nail tech. Basically the process go s like this; they brush on a clear coat and dip your finger, brush on a clear coat and dip your finger. They do this repeatedly until they’ve done about 2-3 coats. At the end they complete it with a top coat that makes it shine and makes them look PERFECT.

Every time I have gotten this manicure I have loved it and it never chips or breaks. My nails feel hard throughout, and the best part is, when they remove the gel, I always feel my nails underneath and they’re still hard as always and there’s no pain. I sometimes wait 4 weeks in between and the gel still looks flawless other than the fact that it’s grown out. Also- they use acetone to remove the gel which is key when not wanting to ruin your real nails- so make sure your salon is doing that, and if they aren’t, ask them to!

If you haven’t tried this yet and have had the same problems as me. I would suggest you do! Here are some of the dip powder gel manis I have gotten over the last 7 months.

I have loved them all! Hope you enjoyed reading and please let me know if you go try it or show me pix of your beautiful manicures! Talk to you soon!


*This is what works best for me and me only. I am in no way telling you this will not ruin your nails. It just has not ruined mine while other manicures have ruined my nails.

Christmas Decor

I know, I know, it’s January 3rd, but I never shared my Christmas decor! This was my first year decorating for Christmas and I found lots of inspo on Instagram. I bought amazing red faux florals from hobby lobby and glittery berry stems. I also tried ribbon for the first time and I will never not use ribbon again on my Christmas tree. Here was the finished product of my Christmas Tree

I loved the way the red looked and I never thought I’d like it. I honestly only ended up with red because the white florals I wanted were sold out and I had no other option but red. I used silver, and white glass ball ornaments of different sizes, lots of Rae Dunn Christmas ornaments and then topped it off with my faux florals, the stems, and ribbon to cover anything that looked bare. I decorated my bench area for Christmas too with a cute throw pillow and that small winter pinecone wreath.

I also got engaged on December 9th… so that made for a lot of new ornaments! Who knew getting engaged during the Christmas season would get me so many new ornaments?!

Here is just one of the 5 ornaments we got ♥️

And… How could I not decorate my tv stand. Had to turn the Yule log on to make it feel like I had a warm cozy fire place! I’ve been obsessed with hand lettering these days and want to start changing this chalkboard up for every season/holiday. I found the best new chalk markers. And thank goodness for Instagram “fake snow”.

I had so much fun decorating for Christmas this year and can’t wait to do it all again next year! But for now, ALL of this decor is packed away in bins and all the glitter(for the most part) is thankfully in my vacuum cleaner!

How did you guys decorate for Christmas? I’d love to see and get new ideas for next Christmas. Talk to you all soon!

New Year, New Skincare Routine

Happy New Year! What better way to start off the new year than with a new skincare routine? I so badly want to be one of those girls who has a nightly ritual with their skincare. So many times people ask me what I do for my skin/face and I literally always had no answer other than wash it every day in the shower with a drug store face wash, and throw on some drug store moisturizer. I don’t have terrible skin, so skin care was never something I thought much about.

Over the years I’ve tried and tried to follow skincare regimens before bed, and for a week or so I’d actually do it. Then I start getting lazy and it just stops. Can anyone else relate or am I the only weirdo. Let’s face it, at the end of the day the last thing I’m thinking about is, well, my face. Using 467 different serums and creams takes too long, right? But guys, I’m getting older and I think it’s about time that I started using some good skincare products and try my hardest to use them every single night and day to keep my skin looking fresh.

What better time than Christmas to tell your mom you want skincare products? Especially when they’re so expensive… and you have the best mom who gets you them all. My skin is usually dry and I’m starting to get some dark spots, or age spots. Whatever they’re called, they aren’t pretty. So… I went wherever I go when I need new products —-> the internet, duh. I researched some good products and here is what I ended up with and how they are working for me so far…Let’s start with one of the products I use every single day. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial CleanserI’ve been using this face wash morning and night and I truly love it. My skin feels so much softer. If you’re going to buy any of these, this is the one I’d choose!

After the face wash I use one of these two moisturizers. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream or It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream.

I honestly love them both and usually use whichever is closer to me at the time, I’m lazy, remember! They both really help my dry skin stay moisturized. The confidence in a Cream is also anti-aging so that’s a plus! Try either of them and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Before my makeup I’ve been using Kiehl’s Glow Formula skin hydratorSo, I actually bought this on a whim because I needed to fill my cart with something else to use the coupon code and get money off and free shipping. They always seem to get me, but man am I glad they did this time. I wasn’t even sure what this was at first but I saw the word “glow” and who doesn’t like when their skin glows? It is actually an orangey color and almost like a CC cream but very sheer with a slight shimmer. It gives your skin just the perfect amount of glow. I wear it alone or under my makeup and I can honestly say that my makeup has been looking better since I started using this product. Only con is the smell… it’s a little weird but it goes away after a few minutes and is worth it!

Before bedtime I’ve been using the Midnight Recovery Oil. Just a couple of drops of this goes a long way so this will last you a long time. I don’t feel ready for bed until I put this on my face. I am lovin’ the way it smells – it’s calming and it feels silky and smooth on my skin. The oil also absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a oily residue. Try it out! Once a week I use this Masque. I am a sucker for a good face masque and as I said, my face is very dry, so my face can use all the moisturizing skin care products it can get! I’ve only used this once but so far so good! Lastly- the dreaded dark spot Solution. I’m too young to be using this already, right?! So I’ve been trying to use this as much as I can, however, you’re supposed to put it on before other creams and sometimes I forget (I know, shocker). I want to try to use it religiously and see what happens. Does anyone have any success using this product? I have a couple of age spots I want to fade so bad! I’ll keep you guys updated! So here you go, my new skin care routine. Maybe I’ll continue with this routine for once? I know these products can be expensive but as of now I think they’re worth it. I am loving the way my skin feels and looks! I will update you guys again once I’ve been using these products for awhile but so far so good.

Let me know if you try them out or have any other recommendations for me. I love trying out new products, and especially ones that work.

I wish you all a happy and healthy new year! Talk to you soon!


P.S. I even bought my fiancé a couple of Kiehl’s Men’s Products!

He has used them once but let’s see if he continues…

DIY – Fall/Winter Pinecone Wreath on a budget!

A couple of weeks ago I saw a pinecone wreath that I fell in love with. I could use it for fall and winter and it was truly beautiful. The only thing wrong with it was the price. I couldn’t see myself spending so much money on one simple item that I could try to make myself.

I happened to be at target with my sister-in-law and we saw that there were boxes of pine ones for only $6 each! There were 40 small sized pinecones in each box and the pinecones all had wire stems on them (perfect for wreaths).

I bought two boxes of these cute little guys and then I headed over to Michaels to buy everything else I needed. I decided to go with the smaller sized wreath frame because I wasn’t sure if I had enough pinecones for the bigger one. This is the 12 inch frame, and only cost me $1.50 because I had coupons but I think it’s normally around $3.00. Still a steal!

And that’s it! Now it’s time to start making the wreath. I started with the outside of the frame and began adding one pinecone at a time and securing it with the wire attached.

Once I finished the whole outside it looked like this.

Next it was time to do the inside of the frame, which I did the same exact way. So easy!

After both the inside and outside of the frame were full, I added pinecones in the middle of the frame. This is the most difficult part of the project because it’s hard to get your fingers in the little spaces to bend the wire without breaking other pinecones around it. I used tweezers and it was by far a lot easier.

It also helps if you lay out the remainder of the pinecones in the place you want them. Like this..

This helps because you end up putting the bigger pinecones in the bigger spaces and finding small pinecones for the tiny spaces.. instead of realizing this at the end and not having enough pinecones or the right size pinecone for the space you’re filling! I hope that made sense! 😂

Adding the pinecones in the center ring gave the wreath just what it needed. It made it look full and beautiful.

I think the wreath looked fine as it was but why not add a little extra! You can go to any craft store and fine faux florals, berries, tree clippings, bows, lights, etc. and decorate your wreath. I went to Michaels and found these.

I figured I could cut little pieces off and stick them where the wreath was showing a little bit of the frame or just to add a little bit of sparkle.

And this was the final result! I still might play around a little and make it look a little better… but it’s pretty much done.

Hope you guys like! If you go and make one I’d love to see your wreaths, so please, please show me! 😊

P.S. This whole wreath cost me 20 dollars to make! And that’s only because the florals can get pricy! But just the pine cones and the frame cost me $13.50!

Target Holiday Finds

This is what my floor looks like as we speak. I can’t stop buying! I know, I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet but I am ready to decorate for winter and Christmas! Every store I walk in has their Christmas decor out and it just makes me want to buy all things glittery and snowy! I swear I have bought enough bottle brush glittery trees in the last week for the rest of my life.

My sister-in-law and I went to target this week and found the absolute cutest Christmas decor! I couldn’t resist. Here are just a few of the things I found… and guys, most of this was in the dollar spot!

So let’s start with what was in the dollar spot…

These cute little stocking bags! I bought all of them! I give so many gift cards/little things for Christmas and I thought this was the perfect gift bag to put those items in. Only $1.00!

All of these bottle brush trees. The green ones are very tiny but I thought they’d be fun to style throughout the house. The silver, gold, and white ones are super glittery, super cute, and only $1.00 as well. They also came in a rose pink. I bought too many of these, and then we saw these trees. They came in 3 sizes, this one was the medium sized one. It was only $5.00 and just like everything else, I needed it! Okay, okay, I wanted it.. but look how cute…


These houses were also in Target’s dollar spot. They were $3.00 each and so worth it. I’ve been looking for little houses I can make a “snow globe” with using a dome I just got from Home Goods. I’ll show you that when I’m done making it… after Thanksgiving.

This glittery garland and also these branches with pine cones were in the dollar spot and I can’t wait to decorate some vases and my buffet with these. THE GLITTER IS GOING TO BE EVERYWHERE. Oh well!

Okay, after I left the dollar spot I was able to make it back to the actual Christmas section. My sister-in-law and I had to control ourselves because we wanted everything. Here are some things I did buy…

I’ve been wanting gray knit stockings for awhile. These were $12.99 each.

These tiny galvanized houses that I thought went perfect with the other ones I bought.

I love pine cones and can’t wait to decorate some vases with these.

Speaking of pine cones, we saw the most amazing pine cone wreath ever! Let me see if I snapped a pic……. oh yes I did. But it was $45 and I wasn’t ready to drop that on a wreath.

So… we decided we want to try to make our own wreath like this! This will require a trip to Michael’s but Target has these boxes of tiny pine cones so we bought some and are going to TRY to make them ourselves soon! I will also share pictures/ blog about it when (and if) that happens! But here are the pine cones. They were $6.00 a box.

If it doesn’t work out, they will look great in a clear glass vase to decorate!

Speaking of wreaths, I never have anything to hang them. I found this wreath hook for my window and also these light clips to hang lights outside/in the house. $2.99 each.

Last but not least…. how cute are these little guys?!

I don’t know what I’ll do with them but I knew I needed them!

That’s all for now! I can’t wait to see how everyone decorates for Christmas and can’t wait to start decorating myself!

Living Room Transformation

It was July and we were finally moving into our little place! I already had colors in mind and we already had these new floors put in. They’re actually tile floors but look like wood and we were so happy with the color we chose. We chose a color called gray cloud for both the bedroom and living room and the second I could start painting, I did!


We already had a couch from Mike’s previous apartment, however the couch was way too big for our new living room so we had to leave the chase part of the couch behind. Also the only way the couch would fit was if we put it this way, and the TV had to go on this wall. It is alright for now as we know this isn’t for forever and one day we will be able to use our entire couch.


I bought this area rug on amazon and we had the mirror which we bought from Kirkland awhile back. I picked up some pillows while at TJ Maxx and Home Goods and also that white tray on the table. I thought it was perfect for styling….

Speaking of the table – we got that at At Home… at first we thought it was too big but for now it’s okay. We couldn’t find a TV stand for a long time but eventually found this white one that went perfectly with our buffet. I made that arrangement in the galvanized vase with the branches and floral pieces in it- all from Hobby Lobby but this has since then moved into our bedroom. And last but not least we found this small end table after searching for what felt like forever! And that’s it! Living room is pretty much complete… besides small decor that I’ve added in as the trips to Home Goods keep on comin’!

0941766E-2DF0-463A-B77A-EFA168124731Hope you like it!

Every season I’m thinking of changing up a couple of the pillows… here are a couple I added for fall…


Can’t wait to buy winter/Christmas pillows!!!

Fall Buffet Decor

Living in New Jersey, we have the pleasure of experiencing every season. I’ve always found it hard to say which one is my favorite… however, decorating for fall just might be my favorite season of all! The beautiful colors of the leaves changing, pumpkins, the coziness of blankets,  fall scented candles, the cooler air… nothing’s better.

The first piece of furniture my boyfriend and I bought together was, of course, from Home Goods, and was a distressed grayish colored buffet. And man was it heavy! I remember carrying (my boyfriend would argue with trying to help him carry) it up the stairs to his apartment with him. It was the heaviest thing I’ve ever tried to move, but after lots of effort, we got it inside! I couldn’t wait to decorate it. It was winter and Christmas time, so we decorated it with what we had at the time, which wasn’t much because we weren’t actually living together yet. I couldn’t wait to move in together officially so I could finally decorate it the way it should be decorated….

We moved in together over the summer and fall was really the first season we were ready to decorate for. I decided to start with a runner and add a lamp on our buffet for some height. My mother had this galvanized tiered tray she didn’t want anymore so I took that as well. I figured I’d use it always and decorate it with little things and of course, mugs, for whatever season it is. I always liked the look for a tray or basket with a ton of pumpkins in it… and this year I fell in love with knit pumpkins! I mean who doesn’t love the feel of a cozy knit blanket… so why not make a pumpkin out of it? I also found these light up glass pumpkins and my best friend happened to buy me a cute little glass orange pumpkin that matched!


This was the end result… and I think I love it! Can’t wait to decorate again for fall next year! Tell me what you think?